Hi, I'm Arsalan Malik!

Hello, I am Arsalan Malik, and I am a well-rounded graphic designer/UX designer. In my most recent job as a Multimedia Specialist at Bluedrop USA, I supported various visual and technical designs for different product lines, such as concept art, photo manipulation, UI content, vector art, illustrations, diagrams, marketing materials, storyboards, and motion graphics. I coordinated with engineers, artists, designers, and project professionals to create original, engaging content based on underlying concepts and specifications.With more than six years of experience in digital design, I have developed a vital skill set in graphic design, web design, and Adobe Creative Suite. I also hold a Google UX Design Certification and a BA in Digital Design from the City University of New York. I am passionate about creating innovative, user-friendly solutions that enhance user experience and meet client needs and expectations.I also like meeting new people over a cup of coffee. Feel free to contact me at arsalanmal@gmail.com